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Tati’s Journal is an online freelance journalism and media platform founded in 2019 and aimed at capturing everyday stories and happenings not just within the capital city of Port Moresby but all across Papua New Guinea as well. It covers stories ranging from Lifestyle & Culture to Travel & Food Ideas, Current Affairs, Finance & Business, Weekly Newsbeat, Sports, inspirational stories of everyday Papua New Guineans and creative writing including Poetry as well as a bit of online marketing & advertising and a few others more.

With our content contributors situated in strategic locations around the country, Tati’s Journal aims to bring a wider coverage of stories from right across Papua New Guinea. In the long run, Tati’s Journal aims to be a professional online freelance journalism & media company with a focus on being a one-stop information hub for everyday Papua New Guineans.

Tati's Journal

Tati's Journal

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