PNGRC Branches attend planning meeting

PNGRC Branches attend planning meeting


PNG Red Cross (PNGRC) Planning Meeting, an initiative by Red Ready Project fund and supported by the movement partners, the International Federation of Red Cross (IFRC) and International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), was held in Port Moresby in the month of May to assist Red Cross (RC) branch officers and volunteers to master planning for their respective branches.

A total of 23 participants from 13 Red Cross branches in the country attended the four-days planning meeting held in Port Moresby from 09th to 12th May 2022.

Each unit from PNGRC headquarters with IFRC and ICRC delivered a 30 minutes session basically to give the participants a glimpse of what each unit does and how the branches would assist them to achieve certain set goals and vice versa. The branch officers and volunteers would then use the information obtained from each session to develop their respective annual plan which they did.

PNGRCS branch coordinator and Red Ready Program Manager Allison Dage Yamo who directly coordinates this planning meeting said that planning is vital for any organization and PNGRCS after a long while had to get this meeting underway.

“The planning meeting is an activity I planned under the Red Ready Project and so much appreciation goes to the donor USAID/Bureau for Humanitarian Assistance (BHA),” Mrs. Yamo said.

“Thank you to IFRC who is coordinating this funding support and also technically assisting the PNGRC for implementation.”

Mrs Yamo also extend her word of thanks to ICRC who came with 50 percent support complimenting the Red Ready support to get the planning meeting underway.

She said the meeting was necessary and timely for PNGRC to align its’ work with the newly drafted Strategic Plan 2022 – 2030. The 13 branches being the arm of the NS need to plan and align all activities well in order to contribute to the Goals set by the NS.

Mrs Yamo said the meeting was successful as the expected results were achieved.

“Branches have got their plans done and branch operational guide is been drafted,” she said.

With all agreements and understanding being reached for way forward actions, Mrs Yamo is very happy and thanked all the facilitators and participants for their contributions in making the meeting a success.

PNGRC Interim Secretary General Mr. Newton Kiafuli who also delivered a session on compliance, congratulated everyone for the successful delivery of the planning meeting and urged them to comply with the set rules, regulations and principles of the organization.

Mr. Kiafuli further thanked the National Chairman – Mr. Henry Yamo, National Society Development delegate from IFRC – Mr. Dino Argianto and the International Committee of Red Cross and Red Crescent (ICRC) representatives; Mr. Ziad Laban, Mr. Guy Bruyninx, Ms. Winnie Monouluk, Johnny Yep and Leslie Leech who was able to join virtually during the opening with their initial inputs and encouragements to the participants.

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