Dorecca to showcase ‘MIGILEU’ at NGCB Paradise Runway

Dorecca to showcase ‘MIGILEU’ at NGCB Paradise Runway


First time entrant and emerging designer Dorecca Toku Givagiva is excitedly looking forward to showcasing her work next month at the NGCB Paradise Runway.

Dorecca has created her own facebook page called Island Glamorous where she does most of her sales.

She is also a local product seller at the POM City Market and has been selling her products over the years and now thanks to PNG Fashion Week, she will be showcasing on an international stage.

Dorecca says the thought of being a fashion designer was always on her mind due to the fact that she loved to create art through local designs.

She was further encouraged by an international tourist collector to try putting her designs on to material as they were very unique and so Dorecca got to work and is happy of the progress made thus far.

Dorecca reached out to the PNG Fashion Week Founder Philma Kelegai who invited her to showcase her designs in the upcoming NGCB Paradise Runway.

“As an upcoming local designer, I always dreamt of one day showcasing my work on an international stage and now I am looking forward to showcasing at PNG Fashion Week’s NGCB Paradise Runway.”

“For me to participate in this Runway is already a big achievement in my journey as PNG Fashion Week is the premier fashion platform here in the country,” Dorecca said.

Dorecca is dedicating her designs under the label ‘MIGILEU’ to her community back at home in the Trobriand Island of Milne Bay Province.

She was motivated to take a step in the direction of designing as she has seen a lot of designers from other provinces showcasing their designs but this was not the case for her beloved island.

The emerging designer from the beautiful Trobriand Islands said she wanted to show her people that they can do something for themselves if they put their heart and soul into it.

“We must make use of the skills and talents we have to tell the beautiful stories that make us a unique people.”

“If we remain committed and dedicated to what we are passionate about, we will see results in the end,” Dorecca said.

Dorecca’s designs tell stories of her growing up back at home where she spent most of her childhood.

“My designs describe the different stages of growing up back home as I really want to be able to tell my story through my own experiences.”

Although she was raised in Port Moresby, Dorecca was embedded by her elders on traditional values and the importance of it.

She is excited and thrilled to have her design shown on the runway.

“I want people to see my designs and be able to identify themselves through these designs.”

Although Dorecca has limited experience and inadequate education, she is counting it a great privilige to take part through the PNG Fashion Week platform and rub shoulders with some of the country’s best and well known designers.

The aspiring designer says she cannot wait to have her brand of clothing showcasing at international fashion shows in the future.

“I aim to win the emerging designer award in this runway not for me but for my community to show them that you can do anything when you set your heart to it.”

“There are countless challenges but if you keep on striving your hard work will pay off in the end,” Dorecca said.

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