Southern Cross Assurance champions of Santos 2022 Daffodil Corporate Golf Challenge

Southern Cross Assurance champions of Santos 2022 Daffodil Corporate Golf Challenge


The Santos 2022 Daffodil Corporate Golf Challenge with the tremendous support of the business community has raised more than K160,000 for the Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF).

Forty teams registered in the annual charity event held at the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club on Friday, 02nd September 2022 with Southern Cross Assurance Limited crowned the Daffodil Cup winners.

Santos Country Chair, PNG, Mr Leon Buskens said, “This is the inaugural event under the merged entity of
Oil Search and Santos. Santos is proud to continue the support towards cancer education and awareness
which can potentially save lives.”

Santos is looking to collaborate more in the prevention of cervical cancer which is the most common cancer in women in PNG. “One low hanging fruit is vaccination against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).

90% of cervical cancers are caused by HPV and so to prevent cervical cancer including penile cancer in men, HPV vaccination is most needed.

In our various capacities as well, we must challenge the status quo that makes sexual education a taboo subject in some cultures. It will take a more strategic and collective effort from every one of us to overcome this burden.”

“And so, I acknowledge the many companies including individuals who are here, demonstrating their commitment in the fight against cancer through their support of the annual Daffodil campaign. I also congratulate Southern Cross Assurance Limited for being crowned winners of the Santos 2022 Daffodil
Cup,” said Mr Buskens.

The Santos 2022 Daffodil Corporate Golf Challenge was held in fond memory of the Late Mr Willie Kupo, who contributed immensely to the success of the charity event. Chairman of PNGCF, Mr Gerea Aopi, CBE
led a minute of silence before the official tee-off for Late Mr Willie Kupo including the Late Chief Jacob Luke who was heavily involved in the work of the PNG Cancer Relief Society.

The Santos-funded golf event has been an annual activity on the Royal Port Moresby Golf Club’s charity event calendar since 2003. The annual golf day is hosted by PNGCF under the Daffodil Campaign to encourage individuals to make healthy lifestyle choices to reduce their cancer risk and to inspire the message of hope for a healthier Papua New Guinea.

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