Students showcase Cultural Attires at DWU Diversity Night

Students showcase Cultural Attires at DWU Diversity Night


Representatives from all twenty-two provinces in PNG have showcased their unique and diverse cultural attires recently at the Divine Word University Diversity Night at the Madang Campus.

University President Professor Fr. Philip Gibbs said that last night’s event is the preview of what will be happening today during the main cultural show.

He said, “the night is an opportunity for us to celebrate the cultural show within the university before showcasing our culture to the public at the main Cultural Show.

PC: Apollos Kafare (DWU Journalism student)

President of the Eastern Highlands Students Association Chris Rodney said: “I was so proud when leading my provincial club tonight to showcase the significance of our cultural attires and it was one of the happiest moments to recall.

“My culture is very essential because unlike other provinces in the highland’s region, we the Eastern Highlanders have distinguished cultures within the province and it defines our cultural identity.

“Tonight’s event was exciting and educational because during such a special event it unifies us Papua New Guineans as one people and one nation.

PC: Apollos Kafare (DWU Journalism student)

“No matter which province we come from being together and participating in a such cultural event helps us to know and understand the uniqueness and value of the diverse culture of each different province in PNG.”

University SRC Events Coordinator Reinhard Kerowa thanked the participants of each province for showcasing and presenting their different cultural attires during the event.

The main Cultural Show will happen today at the university campus.

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