Divine Word University launches 2022 Cultural Show

Divine Word University launches 2022 Cultural Show


Story by Richard Kengori (DWU Communication Arts student)

Divine Word University officially launched its’ 2022 Cultural Show at its’ Madang Campus recently.

Speaking at the launching last Sunday, the University SRC Events Coordinator Reinhard Kerowa announced that the Cultural Show will be hosted on Saturday, 20th of August 2022 on the university campus.

He said that the objective of hosting this cultural show is to make sure that every provincial club must participate and showcase their culture, to create a good relationship with Madang communities, partners, business entities and other stakeholders.

He further said that the other objective is to raise funds for future DWU culture shows and to create a positive image on both the local and international stage.

Mr. Kerowa also mentioned that before the start of the actual event the Diversity Night will fall on the 19th of August where two representatives from each of the provincial groups will be given an opportunity to talk about their culture and explain the significance of their traditional attire.

Mr. Shepard Kia from Student Affairs said that there are several ground rules that will guide everyone and that they must comply to during the event.

He said that every provincial group must be officially registered with the SCR before participating in the event, zero tolerance on alcohol will be applied during the event, there will be no accommodations for outsiders, every dancing or anything to do with the culture show should be done in the campus, essence of time will be considered in which the event will start at 10-30am and finish at 5 pm and finally COVID-19 protocol will still be applied.

Mr. Kerowa also advised on the night that there will be a media team who will be responsible for doing posters, banners, videos, flyers, flying drones and taking photographs during the event.

According to Mr Kerowa, security will also be beefed up at the campus.

“Securities will be checking any outsiders coming into the event at the two gates to identify any weapons, sharp objects and alcohol.”

“DWU rangers will be deployed in every corner of the campus to make sure that the safety of everyone is guaranteed and a stand-by vehicle will also be available for emergency purposes,” said Kerowa.

Director of Student Services Mrs. Evelyn Tekepa said that no provincial groups will be allowed to do their marketing in the showground except for traditional artifacts because there will be tourists and all other people attending the event and students must use the opportunity to showcase our great culture.

Mrs Tekepa added that provincial groups can only do their marketing outside the showground.

Tickets for the show will be sold at the gate with adult tickets selling at K5 and kids tickets selling at K2.

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